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Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair The front bumper was cracked on the drivers side when purchased, so required repair before painting.

I have never previously attempted fibreglassing, though had observed my father doing some small fibreglassing jobs on a number of occassions. I purchased a fibreglass repair kit, read the instructions to refresh my memory and laid some chopped strand behind the break, then carefully wetted it out with resin and finally rolled out the excess and left it to harden.

Following this, I filled the gap with body filler, sanded, filled again, sanded and so on until the surface was level with the surrounding fibreglass and I was happy with the smoothness of the bumper.

Bumper in primer While doing this, I filled a number of other chips and breaks, then sanded this all back too. I spent a number of weekends doing this until I was finally satisfied and could begin on the rest of the bodywork.