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Home Respray

Respray 1 When I bought the car, it was in the process of being prepared for a respray. Some panels had been filled and partially sanded back. There were still a number of smaller dings and scratches that needed filling and sanding back.

Respray 2 I spent a number of weekends carefully filling and smoothing the body work, then I began removing any easily removable body panels (i.e. bumpers, boot lid, bonnet) in readiness to mask up the car.

Respray 3 I wanted to keep the roof, boot amd bonnet in the black that it already was, so masked up the top half of the car, leaving only the blue portion visible. I wasn't prepared to do a full body respray (removing the interior, motor, etc), so masked up the door openings, but leaving the kick plates and the door frame visible.

Respray 4 Once masked, I sprayed the 2 pak primer on the bumpers and skirts.

Respray 5 I then followed this by spraying the entire body, taking care to get into the narrow spaces inside the door opening. Once dry, I wet sanded the primer back with 600 wet and dry paper followed by 1200, until the surface was again smooth and almost glossy.

Respray 6 Finally, I followed it up with two coats of base colour about 10 minutes apart, then 2 coats of 2 pak clear, also about 10 minutes apart, resulting in this (once the masking was removed).

Green Machine Once reassembled, the finished product looked like this. All that remains is for the paint to be buffed once it has thoroughly dried (after a week or two).

Buffed All buffed and polished. There is still a little "orange peel", but I don't think it came out too bad for an amateur.